10 tips to help you to have a good night sleep.

You probably reach this page because you are having problem getting a good night sleep. Below are 10 tips that can help you to have a good night sleep.

1. Get a suitable bed and pillow
Invest in a bed that best suits your needs. You should feel comfortable and relax when lie down on your bed. The temperature of the bed should not be too hot or too cool. Your chosen pillow should be properly support your head and neck without causing any stress on your neck.

2. Use your bed only for sleep
You need to train yourself to use your bed only for sleep. Do not use it to read book, play PSP, surfing net, watch movie or anything that stimulate your mind and keep you awake. This trains your mind and body that bed is the place for relaxing and sleep.

3. Adjust the light level
Not everyone likes to sleep in total darkness. Test and adjust the light level that best suits you. If your bedroom is facing some light source like car park or 24 hours shops, buy a curtain to block the excessive light that keep you awake.

4. Get off Internet / TV
Turn off that computer or TV!

5. Limit daytime napping time
Limit your daytime napping time to around 30 minutes. Too much of daytime napping will increase the time spent to get to sleep and affect the sleep quality at night.

6. Do some light physical exercise or take walk
Do some simple light exercise or talk a walk around your house.

7. Listen to light music
Play some light music to relax your mind and helps you sleep.

8. Take some water / milk / banana
Stop take in food around 3-4 hours before sleep. Take some water to avoid dehydration or some warm milk. Take some banana if you are really very hungry, banana contains potassium that helps you get to sleep.

9. Take a warm bath
Taking a warm bath helps to relax your body; a little lavender oil will further enhance the relaxing effect.

10. Sleep at same time
Sleep at around same time every night to stabilize your biological clock. Your body will be easier to get to sleep on time and have a better sleep quality.

Any other method that works for you? Share with us at the comment section.


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