How to stop feeling sleepy after lunch.

Do you always feel sleepy after taking that fantastic lunch? One of the obvious solutions to this is to taking a good nap to refresh you. However, if you are working in office after lunch, you might not have that luxury to take that long nap while you are sitting in front of your desk.

I gathered several answers to this question. Some of them are personal experience; some of them are medical advice. Pick one from the list for testing and see whether is it working for you. Of course you can try a few at once.

1. Get enough sleep the previous night.
Sometimes, it is not about lunch. It is because you didn’t have enough sleep the previous night. After one morning of hard work, your energy level start to drop and your body will send you signal to sleep.

2. Avoid simple carbohydrate
Taking in simple carbohydrates like potatoes, white rice, pasta and candy raises your insulin level rapidly and cause drowsiness in you. Eat food that don’t cause the shoot up of insulin like vegetable salads, nuts, seeds, meat, fish and chicken.

3. Avoid heavy lunch
This is obvious. If you take in too many food during lunch time, your digestion system will getting more blood to do their job and your brain will be getting less blood that deliver oxygen.

4. Light exercise
Do some light exercise when you feeling sleepy. It helps to deliver oxygen to the whole body. Take a walk around office or walk down the stairs to buy some green tea.

5. Cut down on coffee
Coffee is good at keep you alert for a short period of time. Once the caffeine effect is over and dehydration effect comes in, you will feel even more tiring before you take your favorite after-lunch coffee.

6. Includes fruits and vegetables into your lunch menu
Remember to take in fruits and vegetable during your lunch to give your body the vitamins and minerals it need to stay light and refresh throughout the afternoon.

7. Drink enough water
Dehydration can cause drowsiness in you. Remember to take in adequate amount of water even when you are busy working on project. Don’t let the cooling air-conditioned environment trick you into taking less water than you needed.

Any other method that works for you? Share with us at the comment section.



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