How To Retire Early By Setting The Correct Goals

Goals are important to us, it helps us to focus our energy to achieve the things we want to achieve. Everyone has something they want to achieve/get in life, countless of books have been written to teach us the tactic to set goals (set goals, make plan, motivate yourself, etc.…) so I won’t be repeating those tactics here.


Linea Goals

Usually we set what I call linear goal that only go one direction in a predetermined career path or detach from life. For example become the department manager by next year or earn a certain amount of money in 5 years. The shortcomings of this type of goals is it only improve one area of your life and does not contribute the overall happiness of your life, what is worse is sometimes it consumes values created from other area of your life

What I want to say is the “What” component in the goal setting activity that helps in achieving early retirement. The concept here is easy, focus on learning productive skills rather than owning stuff, finding the things that blend your work and life, doing the activity that increase value in you life be it health, social network or better skill. What you need to take note is that activity should not consume value created by other activity.


Cancellation Effect

For example, your goal of earning more money should not be cancel out by your desire to own more stuff or your goal to become manager should not cancel out by hurting your social network. Each goal you set should be increasingly helps to provide value to your overall happiness and speed up your ultimate goal we are talking about here, your early retirement.

When you receive a promotion and a raise in the salary, do not go out and spend those additional money you have now. More stuff does not make you happy for long term. When you learn how to cook a delicious meal on shoestring budget, do not buy everything from the market and cook a meal that enough to feed 5 persons when you only have 3 person in your household. Throwing the leftover to rubbish bin is a waste of your new learnt skill and it is hurting the planet.


Be Creative

Be creative in sharing your new skill. Let’s talk about the same example above; cook a delicious meal on shoestring budget. You can use your new skill to cook a big meal, invite your family and friends over to your house, enjoy a night of laughter and fun, and ended the night with better bond among the members. With the raise you are getting now, you are able to save more percentage of your income now and you should be happy because that helps speed up your retirement and give you more options.




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