What Will You Do If Money Is Not A Problem

If money is not a problem to me now, I will spend most of my time cooking meal, baking cake and reading book.

With this much time on hand, I can start off my reading with my history collection, which is collecting dust in my bookshelves now. History has been my favorite subject since school time (although this interest didn’t help me get a good history score). I still keep my history textbook from secondary school today and I will read it once in a while when I feel bored.

And I will spend my time inventing new recipe for cake, it has been a long time since I last bake cake when I was 20 years old (I am 32 this year). I still remember the joy from successfully baked a cake at that time, I done that for almost 2 months before I was admitted into university. I still remembered how terrified my mum face was that time because I was bringing back average 2 cakes back home daily. It was a simple time full of freedom

University time was tough for me, with financial and study expectation on me, I don’t have much time to enjoy this 2 hobbies I like. There are just too many event and lesson that needed my attention during that period of my life. 8 years into working life now, life has been pretty stable now, experiencing the normal life cycle of earning and paying bill. For now, money still a big issue for me now since I am still trying to pay off my student loan as fast as possible.

Beside my regular job, I also start this blog to record down my various ideas and experience in personal development and my thoughts on early retirement. There are many blogs online talking about the similar stuff and I learned from them a lot about setting priority, setting goals, live a simple life and how to be more productive at work.

Lastly, thanks for your attention to finish reading this post. So, what will you do if money is not a problem to you now?


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  1. Singaporean

    Hi, I happened to accidentally stumble onto this blog. I am curious – how come it is taking so long to pay off student loan?

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