How Do I Enjoy Life

I went to cinema last night with my sister to watch the movie “Saving General Yang”. It has been a very long time since I last went to a cinema. I have cut down a lot on TV these few years because I don’t find it interesting anymore to sit in front of a bright screen and brainwash by either commercial advertisement that tell you your life is not complete without their product.

Movie remains one of my favorite entertainment choice after my first encounter with it when I was 19 years old. And because of the fierce competition from various source, movie nowadays is improving in quality every single months. However, not all the movie get to earn my money, actually quite a small amount of movie that I paid money for the privilege to watch in cinema. I guess it is also because the topic that involves history does not sell that good so I have less choice to make here.

So, by saying all these, I like to bring out some points which I think it is important when we choose our entertainment activity.

Choose What You Enjoy
If you think I am saying the obvious, think again. Do you have moment where you just do something out of boredom? Watch a movie even when all the review you read saying this is a boring show? Or worse you didn’t read any review but because the timing of that movie is now? Ever buy a lot of junk food to accompany you while you sink yourself into the sofa and getting ready to be brainwash by TV?

Being saying all this, I am a loser to all those above sometimes. I watched some really boring movie when I am bored, I ate tons of junk food when I have nothing to do, or don’t feel like move. So, be alert when the boredom attack coming your way, it cost you your health and your wealth.

Review Your Choice
There will be moment when we review our expense at the end of the month, we realized we have overspent again that month. It is not big deal, we can always learn something from it. This is the best time to review the choice you made during the month, what went wrong, what was right. Is there a way to transform that expensive hobby of mine to a cheaper option or even make it free or profitable? What are the good choice you made this month that enhance and speed up your journey to retirement?

Enjoy The Moment
I not sure about you, but I think we human has take multitasking to a whole level nowadays even myself. When I am walking on the road, stand in MRT/bus, I saw people reading book/playing game while listen to music and talk to friend. That is a lot of action going on but it also mean we are not paying attention. It is not surprise to me, consider the scarce time we have nowadays. But to truly enjoy the thing we are doing, we need to really focus on the moment and pay attention to the person you are with or the things you are playing with.

So, how many other windows have you opened when you are reading this post? ^^

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