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I just read the a post from Yaro Starak at his Entrepreneurs-Journey blog sharing about his feeling during the last 22 months of his mum time  on our planet. It is a very good sharing and I urge you go to his blog and read the full content. You can click on the link above or click here to go to this post.

I must say initially I was not expecting that title to pop up on my feed reader when I opened up it because Entrepreneurs Journey is a blog focusing on making money blogging. I was not a frequent reader of Yaro’s blog until recently I started this blog. Yaro is an expert in the blogging business and he is running a few coaching program teaching people how to make money online. I am truly benefited from his sharing and teaching.

I wrote this post with the intention to share my feeling after reading Yaro sharing but I realized I can’t really describe how I feel, so I decided to share a story about a little boy grown up in a small fishing village of Malaysia.

The day is 14 March 1981, a small little boy born into this world in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. He is showered with love and caring since small and his childhood memory is filled with joy and happiness. No doubt there are time when he was beaten and upset because his misbehavior but it was his mother way to instill education and value to this little boy. Blessed with a small little slightly intelligent brain, this little boy was able to pass through his primary, secondary and tertiary education and did not disappoint the people he love.

8 years into his working years now, this little boys has learned many lesson from classroom and from life. It was a cheerful and fun filled journey along the way. What he want to do now is pick up his phone and call his mum just to tell her he is going back home this weekend.

So, have you called your mum/dad today?

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