How A Team Works

Recently, I keep hearing the word team work, in my professional life and my private life. So, I got interested to observe how a successful works and this opportunity came just when I am ready. I just came back from a basketball game and brought back some points with me how a successful teaworks.

1.  Common goal
There must be a common goal for the team. Normally it is victory for a basketball team, a deal for the sales team, a group of performing students for the teachers or a group of happy customer for a restaurant. The reason why I say normally is because it can be very difficult sometimes to decide on the common goal. Everyone has their own agenda and the common goal that the top level people set might not be engaging so well with the people from a lower level. Ever in a simpler situation like a basketball game, everyone had different purpose. Victory might not be the common goal, might it is a social gathering or just an occasion for a weekly exercise.

So, common goal is the first step.

2. What is in for me
Next, we need to consider what is the trigger for each member in the team. Using the basketball team example, it might be the feeling of winning that motive the team member or the bonding that attract the team members.

One of the things I observed is the people in charge seems to think that people will just come together and work together to achieve the team goal. It never happen. There is a need for someone in the team that communicate the benefit every player can get if the team goal is achieved.

3. Sharing information
This part came naturally when a team is forming up. Sharing or exchange of information would start among the team member. I have played basketball for almost 18 years now, but every time I still can learn something from each individual on the game, be it their technique, their organisation skill or their drive to win.

Exchange of information have the benefit of equip the team members with the knowledge or technique they didn’t know before. Sharing information like how to recover after a game or how to do a pick and roll during the game can be very useful because sometime a team member will just present it at another angle that we didn’t know before.

4. Communicate frequently
During the game, frequent communication is very important. It serve as a link between each team member knowing how well is the team doing. A simple reminder shouting who should be in charge of which opponent is useful to ensure every member in the team knowing what should they do during the game.

Frequent communication also helps the team members to get to know each other better. By knowing personality, playing style of another person is helpful during the game because you will expect less surprise from him and you will know how to work with him to win the game.

5. Review
Review after the game give us an opportunity to look at the mistakes we made during the game. What strategy or tactic that is causing our mistake or failure? Is it because the players were still new as a team to fully understand each other? Or is it because there is some conflict among the players? This is a good time to talk about all this while preparing for the next game.

So, how’s your team performing?

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