My Eyesight Improvement Program (Part 1)

I have been shortsighted since the age of 12 and I must I am a bit sick of it and like to have perfect eyesight again. Friends and colleague did recommend the Lasik procedure to me after they went through the procedure. But somehow I am not convinced because I think it make no sense to hurt my eyes again when they are already weaker than eye of people with perfect eyesight.

Recently I came across an eyesight improvement program without using glass and surgery, it is supposed to help improve eyesight with some simple action over long time. A friend of mine introduced it. I am going to start the program tomorrow and record down my progress over the few weeks.

If the program helps in improve my eyesight, I will put up my record here and provide the instructions to help you readers whose eyes are tired from reading all my post in this blog. ^^

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