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Be Responsible

I would like share a small story:

One day, a bird is resting beside a man lying on beach. The man just saw the bird fly from the roof top of the three storey holiday resort and landed on the beach. So the man ask the bird how did it managed to do that? The bird answered the man saying it just jump off the roof top and start swing its wing, the rest just happened naturally.

The next day, the man climb up to the roof top and jump down from there while swing his arm trying to fly like the bird. Obviously that never happened and the man broke his leg when landed on the ground. While suffering in pain, the man did not forget to curse and swear the bird for introduce him flying, and the people walking past him thought he is crazy and no one dare to come near him and help him with his injury.

Moral of the story? Please judge yourself before you make any decision and please be responsible after made the decision.

Our daily live experience can teach us many things if you are really paying attention to the things happening in your life. Today I would like to talk about responsibility. Many of us don’t want to be responsible for the decision we made, it is always other people fault that we don’t earn enough, we are too fat or we fall sick easily. But if we really think about it, did we define a amount that is considered enough for our situation or are we chasing a moving income target? We are complaining that our weight keep increasing and our muscle percentage keep dropping while eating ice cream. We sleep late, eating junk food and blaming the weather when we fall sick.

So I believe we as individual and our society as a whole need to be more responsible.

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