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How To Subscribe To This Blog Using RSS?

This post is about how to subscribe to my blog using RSS.


According to Wikipedia, RSS is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works—such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video—in a standardized format. An RSS document (which is called a “feed”, “web feed”, or “channel”) includes full or summarized text, plus metadata such as publishing dates and authorship.

So when you subscribe to a RSS feed of a site, you don’t have to go to the site every time to read the latest article, instead you use feed reader software or web based reader to read the latest article on your favorite site.

Benefit of RSS:

The benefit of subscribe to a RSS is that you don’t have to go to each and every of your favorite site now to read the latest content, instead you collect them all in one place (feed reader software).

How to subscribe to this blog’s feed

At the top right corner of my latest post, you will see a RSS button. In order to subscribe to a feed, you can click on that button and it will bring to feed burner site and you can subscribe to this blog’s feed there.

RSS button

RSS button

Alternatively, you can copy and paste the feed address, into your feed reader software or web based reader.

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