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5 Short Videos You Should Watch Before You Start Cycling On The Road

As written in my previous post on saving transportation cost, cycling remains one of best choices if you want to save some money and get some exercise on your way to office.

Cycling on the road in Singapore can be an exciting (depends how you see it) experience, which I learn spent 4 months cycling on road. There are many things you need to prepare before hand and countless others you need to pay attention when you are on the road.

I was searching for some safety tips for cyclist in Singapore and came across a cycling safety series produced by Mr Brown. I think he made several good points about safe cycling in Singapore.

1. Dooring

He talks about certain things to take note when you cycling pass a stationery vehicle in this video


2. Riding too close to the left

Want to know when should you cycle away from the left of the road? Check out the video below.


3. Taxi and bus

Learn some tips on how to share the road with taxi and bus from this video


4. Taking the lane

Are you familiar with the idea of taking the lane? Do you know why taking the lane is actually safer for you sometimes? View this video for more detail


5. Squeeze

Do you like to squeeze through cars when you are on the road? Check out the video to see why it is not so nice to do that.


So, what do you think about the tips shown in the video? Is it helpful to your daily cycling trip?

Thanks Mr Brown for producing these videos. You can check out his blog here.


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