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A Very Small List Of Saving Tips

1. Start an exchange network or join one
Everyone of us has some skills that other people don’t have. You might be good at repair water pipe but sucks at computer. Why don’t you trade your skills with them?

2. Use the library
Library in Singapore is very well developed, contains many resources for your consumption. Use it to slash your spending on  books, video or newspaper.

3. Take part in lucky draw
Take part in lucky draw from the free newspaper like Today or my paper. Get some free entertainment from the marketing budget of those big corporation.

4. Join freecycle Singapore
Singapore Freecycle (TM) Network is a place for people to give out their stuff which has no use for them.

5. Sell your old stuff
Sell off your untouched stuff for past 1 year to get some cash.

6. Create or join a babysitting support group
It might be a logistic challenge to get a reliable and trustable baby sitter for your baby. If you can create a support group among a few friends or family, that might be a solution.

7. Car sharing
It might be make more economic and environmental sense if a group of people can share a car when they are heading to same destination.

8. Have a pot luck party
Get each of your friend bring one dish for everyone.

9. Brew your own drink
Be it alcohol or coffee, I think you can find plenty of guide around the net teaching you how to do this cheaply.

10. Cut down on driving
Singapore is not that big.

11. Cycle more
Again, Singapore is really not that big.

12. Up the temperature of your air con
Do your best, I know Singapore is hot.

13. Create your own cleaning product
It is really not that hard to do this. My mum do this all the time.

14. Line dry the clothes
Save some electricity, save some money.

15. Buy groceries from cheaper place
I think you know where yo go.

16. Use internet if you are making long distance call
If you have not idea how to so this, google for VOIP

17. Cut down on TV
Device that designed to waste your time, waste your money.

18. Study the tax rules
You never know what are you missing if you never check.

19. Check out credit offer
They are literally giving out money now.

20. Complain
Complain to get a refund or exchange with a extra thrown in if you received poor service.

21. Own less stuff
You will need less space and money managing your stuff if they can fit into 1-2 suitcase.

22. Eat healthy, be healthy
Choose healthy food, move around a bit every day.

23. Learn how to fix your stuff
Be it car, bicycle, TV, kitchen, etc….

24. Buy enough clothes
Not less, not more.

25. Shop online for clothes
Compare, and you might get a better deal.

26. Inherit toy from friends
I guess this make some sense since most toy will be out dated within few months.

27. Subscribe to free trial
Emphasis is on free, unsubscribe after the trial.

28. Go open source
Software want to be free!

29. Exercise at park
And you can use the equipment there, free of charge.

30. Get bargain by book your holiday earlier
Air ticket that bought 1 year ago can be really dirt cheap.

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