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Super market? Battlefield?

Super market is one of the places I like to spend time at, the display of huge amount of product on the shelves reminds me of how abundant the world we are live in now.

Super market is also a good place for me to think through what are the things I really need to support my daily life. Of course it is much more easier for me to sort this out because I am still single now. I like to browse around the super market and check what are the things I can buy from there. I realized that most of the time I have nothing to buy, there is time I spent 1-2 hours walking around the supermarket and buy nothing.

At the rare occasion I do buy something from the super market, I like to observe the buyers around the checkout cashier. Supermarket normally will put some small little item around checkout cashier like chocolate, candy or tibit to encourage what we call impulse buying.

Sometime I think super market look like a modern battlefield to our personal finance life. It is a convenient place to get most of our essential life support item but it is also a convenient place for us to spend too much on things that are not essential.

Always be careful when you are going to war super market.

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