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What life lesson did a Chinese guy learned from a 3 hours long Indian movie?

Indian movies have been my favorite entertainment choice since I was still a small boy although I never understand what are the actor and actress talking about (actually I do understand what are they talking about through the Malay/English subtitle).

The general skeleton of Indian movie I have watched over the years is:

– There is a charming but poor male leading role.

– There is a beautiful but poor female leading role.

– There is a rich, powerful and evil man.

– The male and female leads fall in love with each other.

– The rich man takes away the poor girl.

– The male lead rescues the girl from the evil rich man.

– They live happily ever after

Until today, the scenes when the lead actor and actress dancing with the people on the street (and I meant all the people on the street) still give me a lot of entertainment value.

However, beside the entertainment value, there are some life lesson that are presented indirectly in those Indian movie I watched over the years:

1. If you want to change your environment, you have to be the changes you want to be.

In one of the Indian movie I watched before, the story is about how a little boy grow up to become a successful scientist under a father who hates Mathematics (until today I still don’t know why the father hate Mathematics so much…).

Born to a poor family, he has to work part time at young age to support the family and at the same time support his own education. There are scenes where the father literally throws away his book because the money he is bringing back is not enough for the father’s alcohol consumption. The movie goes on to show how the boy struggle through his way, promoting himself to tertiary education and became a successful scientist.

Although I used a movie as a example here to prove my point, but I think it make certain sense to you that we all encountered difficulty during different phase of our life. You struggled to pass the exam when you are in the school, you compete with others for that job you landed, and you fight with others for that promotion you have been aiming too. In every situation, the person who needs most transformation is you. You are the one need to make the changes, you have to study that book, you need to practice that job-hunting skill, and you need to show your skill.

2. The society is not darker; it is every man for himself.

I believed human are not born good or bad, we are born to be selfish. If you look at the baby, they are the most demanding human being and the most talented negotiator. Baby knows how to use tear and voice to attract attention, and they will not hesitate to snatch that biscuit in your hand if they are hungry. So, it is about survival, not good or bad.

3. Celebrate every little success you achieved.

In the Indian movie, you will see many scenes where the actors dance with the crowd. That scene can happen in the first meeting between leading actor and actress or that little boy received his university admission letter. I believed this brings out a very positive message where we should celebrate every little success in our life, and I believed positive energy brings more positive event to our life.

Not too long ago, I accompanied my mum to her check up session. When I was digging out coin from my pocket to pay for the bus fare, I realized I am short of 10 cents. Just when I was going to ask my mum for 10 cents, I saw a tiny little 10 cents was lying on the bus floor. And the good luck was not ended there, after we alighted the bus, we found another 10 cents lying on the floor, that day we received 20 cents.


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How To Reduce Your Spending and Increase Your Happiness?

Track Your Expense

So, you have been tracking your expense for maybe few months now, and you got your own answer to the question “ Where are all my money gone to?” You know you have feed that little cute vending machine near your office way too much money for whatever value it provided you.

Looking at your “real” hourly pay you are getting now, I bet it should not require any effort to convince yourself that which expense is essential to your long term happiness, worth the life energy you pay for it and which expense is nothing but impulse purchase that provides only short burst of satisfaction to you.

Ask Question

Ask yourself the right question to determine your spending plan. What is the more efficient way to use my money and my time? Buying expensive junk food as lunch at work place and gobble down the food without knowing its taste or cook your own less expensive healthy lunch and enjoy every mouthful of your food? Spent your time in your car stuck in morning peak hour traffic jam or cycle to work with a decent bike and get some exercise at the same time?

The word necessity means different meaning to different people at different phase of their life. The principle to retire earlier is simple; there are only 2 variables involved, your passive income and your expense. You can work toward increase your passive income or learn how to reduce your expense. I recommend you direct the money you saved from reduced spending toward paying off your debt if you are holding any or invest for passive income to achieve your early retirement goal, at least this is what I am doing right now for the time being.


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