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3 Things I Learnt When I Was Researching Medical Insurance

Over the past week, I was busy researching medical insurance for my family. It was a tedious project because there are so many companies offering so many different policies. Contacting the insurance company and study the information provided pose a big challenge to me since I am not in the financial industry. There is something I learnt during the process that I like to share with you all here.

1. Deductible

Deductible is a fixed amount of money you must pay out of your own pocket before you can claim from the medical insurance. That means you take up some risks onto yourself and not pass it all to the insurance company. The incentive for you to do this is lower premium for the medical insurance (sometimes much lower).

2. Co-insurance

Similar to deductible, co-insurance is a percentage of medical bill you need to bear when claiming from insurance company, it could be 10%, 20% depend on the plan you choose. As expected, higher percentage of co-insurance offer lower premium for the insurance policy

3. Cashless VS non cashless

In Malaysia, there are 2 type of medical claim, namely cashless and non-cashless. In the cashless option, you are given a medical card and you probably have no need to pay cash out of pocket if any medical condition/emergency come up. In the non-cashless option, you will have to fork out the money first to pay the bill and then claim them from the insurance company.

Cashless option is not only an option of convenience because it actually helps you to manage your personal finance in a more flexible manner because you do not have to keep a certain amount of money (after co-insurance and deductible) to handle medical condition or emergency. This convenience and flexibility also costs you money, with cashless option came higher premium.


Although you can enjoy lower premium by taking up the risks and lock up certain amount of money (to handle deductible, co-insurance and non cashless option), but you need to consider how much risk can you take. Things you need to consider here:

– Your current saving

– Your parent health condition

– The long-term cost of the insurance policy

– The long term expected return if you invest your saved premium

Everyone situation is different, and you have to decide for yourself which factor affect you more.

For example, if your parent is healthy and you have a pile of saving, maybe you can consider a higher deductible, co-insurance percentage or even non-cashless option. Another person who just starting to build his saving might need to consider other option instead of the suggestion above.

All being said, the first thing to do before taking up insurance policy would be does some research. There are so many insurance companies around and they all offered different policy. A simple Google search return me with more than 10 companies offering medical insurance and they are all different in price and benefits. I think it will never be a perfect policy but a most suitable policy for your current situation. There is nothing wrong to compare price and benefits offered by various insurance companies in the market now because this is your money and health we are talking about here.

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My Eyesight Improvement Program (Part 1)

I have been shortsighted since the age of 12 and I must I am a bit sick of it and like to have perfect eyesight again. Friends and colleague did recommend the Lasik procedure to me after they went through the procedure. But somehow I am not convinced because I think it make no sense to hurt my eyes again when they are already weaker than eye of people with perfect eyesight.

Recently I came across an eyesight improvement program without using glass and surgery, it is supposed to help improve eyesight with some simple action over long time. A friend of mine introduced it. I am going to start the program tomorrow and record down my progress over the few weeks.

If the program helps in improve my eyesight, I will put up my record here and provide the instructions to help you readers whose eyes are tired from reading all my post in this blog. ^^

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How To Wake Up Early

No, I am not going to tell you to sleep earlier (although that helps). I want to tell you if you want to wake up early, sleep when you are tired. What do I mean?

I seldom have wake up problem, I am always an early riser by many standard. I think the reason why most of the people cannot wake up early is because they cannot get into good sleep. So what should we do to get into a good sleep to start off?

Over the year, I have never been a good sleeper, I meant early sleeper. My sleeping time is very irregular. Sometimes I sleep at 9pm or even 8.30pm, sometimes I sleep at 3.30am. But I seldom have the problem to wake up at 6.30am or 7am the next morning without feeling tired.


Don’t Skip Your Sleep
One thing I noted from my past sleeping pattern is if I skip sleep for one night, for the next 2-3 days, I will feel tired all the day no matter how many hours I put in to recover my lost sleep, so first principle is don’t ever skip the night without sleep. It is damaging your body and you definitely won’t feel great for the next few days. Using 2-3 days of productivity to gain 8 hours of productive time is definitely does not sound like a good investment to me, so I try my best to avoid this.


Sleep When You Are Tired
We have been taught to be sleep early and wake up early to have a healthy body since small. I believe this make certain sense to that small growing body of ours when we are still few feet tall. What I discovered is if I go to sleep when my body tell me to, it is a good investment most of the time. Why I say so? Because I realized if my body says he is tired at 11pm, and I follow his call and go to bed, normally before 6am I am already awake. Then start from 6am in the morning till the night my mind will remain alert and have no need to buy few cups of coffee throughout the day to help me get through the day, my productivity at work also higher because I can focus better now.


Eat Before You Sleep
This is tricky, because I don’t you to become obese with this suggestion. What I found in my experience is a break in sleep is really not very good and hunger is one of the key indicators that wake me up in the middle of the night. It sure does not feel good when you know if you ignore that hunger that wake you up at 3.30am, you will end up with and hungry and tired body the next day.

I read something like the food we eat take 4 hours to digest, that’s why the popular advice where we should eat 4 hours before sleep to avoid become fat. But I think if your normal sleeping time is 11pm, and you still very alert at 10.45pm, you should eat something. Of course have some common sense, don’t order a Big Mac meal at 10.45pm because I say you should fill yourself up before sleep. Eat something light like banana. Banana is rich in potassium, which help you sleep better. It also provides certain amount of carbohydrate that should help you get through the sleep without a break.


But I Need To Wake Up Early!
Ok, I heard you. You don’t have the luxury to sleep till 11am because you have a 9am meeting or you need to send your child to school at 7.15am. In this case, maybe you can modify a bit of what I suggested above. You still sleep when you are tired after you put your child to sleep if you have any, but you set your alarm clock to wake you up the same time next day.

There are people successfully use this sleeping pattern and improve their sleep quality and increase their productivity because they now have more time to produce. You can always invent your own sleeping pattern as your schedule allows. If you want to try some extreme sleeping schedule people have tried and maintain, you can read another post, which talk about some alternative sleeping schedule.



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