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How To Change Your Life, One Step At A Time.

We are all afraid to change, change means risk, danger, uncertainty or even perish since ancient time. In modern time, we gained more control over our life from risk of weather, animal, change of season or lack of food source. Our food production is now abundant, enough for every human being on this planet, but unfortunately very unevenly distributed.

Change is difficult, we don’t know how to get started to change our life to the better although most of us want it. But wants alone is not enough, only action bring changes. If you want to be healthier, don’t start running 5km tomorrow morning, instead spend 5 minutes walking if this is the first time in 5 years you are doing exercise. If you want to be better at work, spend more time learn about your job, get to know what is required to complete the job quickly and perfectly. If you want to have a better family relationship, make time for your family. Plan an outing with your family away from work and all other commitment, talk to them during the trip, pay attention to them during normal days, spend time celebrate special event with them instead of staring at the computer screen in the office.

However, talking is cheap. Anyone can write some thing on the internet like this post to tell you to change, but only you yourself hold the power to change your life to the better, one step at a time. My life has completely changed for the past few years, it took me many years to slowly improve my life for the better. Paid off student loan, bought a house, accumulate saving, started a blog, learning new skills at work, drafted a plan for early retirement, all this take time and effort to commit to it. And I am glad I took the steps and effort to complete all those goal.

I won’t tell you to set a goal or write down your goal and past all over your house and the place you will pass by daily. I believe there is always one thing that is always on your mind and that thing would be the most important and most suitable goal to chase for. For me, I don’t achieved all those thing on the above in one step. At any point of time, my focus is laser sharp, I would focus only on one goal unless that goal can be accomplished automatically like paying off student loan. During my paying off period, I basically did not have to put in much effort, I still maintain my usual spending habit and work my job. The only difference is I channeled my money toward clear off that debt. During buying house  period, thing is a little bit different. There is research to be done, where and what kind of house are we looking for, is there any new launch happening in the location we are aiming for? If there is, is the price point right for our budget? How big is the house we want to go for? What are the options available and which developer is reliable? All this question need to be answered before we can made one of the most decision in life, buy a house.

It is still a long way before I can see the early retirement light at the end of the rat race tunnel, now I am focusing on become the best employee I can be and fight for the highest income I can get. No matter how impatient I am now, I still maintain my pace and changing my life, one step at a time.

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