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5 Short Videos You Should Watch Before You Start Cycling On The Road

As written in my previous post on saving transportation cost, cycling remains one of best choices if you want to save some money and get some exercise on your way to office.

Cycling on the road in Singapore can be an exciting (depends how you see it) experience, which I learn spent 4 months cycling on road. There are many things you need to prepare before hand and countless others you need to pay attention when you are on the road.

I was searching for some safety tips for cyclist in Singapore and came across a cycling safety series produced by Mr Brown. I think he made several good points about safe cycling in Singapore.

1. Dooring

He talks about certain things to take note when you cycling pass a stationery vehicle in this video


2. Riding too close to the left

Want to know when should you cycle away from the left of the road? Check out the video below.


3. Taxi and bus

Learn some tips on how to share the road with taxi and bus from this video


4. Taking the lane

Are you familiar with the idea of taking the lane? Do you know why taking the lane is actually safer for you sometimes? View this video for more detail


5. Squeeze

Do you like to squeeze through cars when you are on the road? Check out the video to see why it is not so nice to do that.


So, what do you think about the tips shown in the video? Is it helpful to your daily cycling trip?

Thanks Mr Brown for producing these videos. You can check out his blog here.


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How To Save On Your Transportation Expense

There are many choices of transportation mode you can choose in Singapore to get you from where you are to where you want to be (sounds more like a motivational quote). So what choice do we have to cut down on our transportation cost here in Singapore?


1. Car

This is the most expensive mode of transport in Singapore and I believe no amount of tips can helps to offset the cost of COE, but I shall do it anyway. So, here are some tips you may want to take a look if you are owning a car:

– Buy a fuel-efficient car

– Keep your car well maintained

– Keep tires properly inflated

– Choose a lighter traffic time to commute

– Keep a light load on your vehicle

– Purchase the petrol with a credit card

– Drive at constant speed

– Of course, drive less!!!

I never own a car, so I guess my list above is not comprehensive. It might seems too short for the season driver here, hopefully I did help you driver to save up some money.


2. Bus / MRT

This is the most commonly used transportation in Singapore. We have here a comprehensive bus/MRT network (although there is much room for improvement).

Recently, I joined a program called insinc, this program was setup to encourage its participants to shift their commute schedule on MRT system away from the overcrowded peak hour. You will win more point when you travel off peak and chances to win some random reward. I have won $52 since I joined the program, so far so good.


If you are interested in the program, you can join it here. This is my referral link, thank you in advance!!!

Update: You can choose Cash buyout instead of spin for random reward, you get $1 for 1000 points your accumulated.



You can make this change from the Settings on your navigation bar



Update 2: It is a true deal and I just won $52 on insinc, you can join it here


3. Bicycle

This is the third mode of transport people use to get to work in Singapore. Based on my observation, there are not many cyclists in Singapore, at least not for daily transportation purpose. This is one of the cheaper choices if your daily bus/MRT commute is costing you a significant amount of your income.

However, this option is not easy. I tried it myself for about 5 months and there are many things you would need to consider:

– Shower facility

– Weather

– Traffic condition

– Commute hour

– And of course bicycle park

For season cyclist, the list above posts no obstacle at all. But for beginner I suggest you take into consideration of all the issues above and any other obstacle that are unique to your situation.


4. Run

Ok, I admit I have gone a bit extreme to even suggest running to office. It surprise me also the first time when I heard there are people run over 10km to get to their office and run the same distance back home.

But for people stay nearer (less than 5km) to their office (with shower facility installed), I think it might not sounds like a crazy idea. Just make sure your route to office is not overcrowded with traffic, else you will be breathing in exhaust instead of fresh air.

My office is 13km from my house, so my current mode of transport is mostly bus and MRT. So, what is your choice?


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